CNET and CBS Interactive serving malware

Had cause to need the Windows XP Powertoy and it’s not at Microsoft. Found it at CNET’s Installed it and watched what I was doing but all of a sudden something hijacks Chrome. Home page is suddenly something Babylon. I deleted it from Tools > Extensions (even though I’d not installed it) and it takes every other extension with it. I use Hijackthis and find it has installed BHO’s. Using that and Crap Cleaner I manage to rid the machine of this malware.
are peddlers of the lowest form of scummy crap on the net.

2 thoughts on “CNET and CBS Interactive serving malware

    1. Flash is now as bad with it’s wanting to install McAfee scareware. Java does it too. Even Crap Cleaner wants to install a toolbar!

      Shows how bad these dinosaurs are though in having to cuddle up to the crud of the net in order to make their money. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them spamming.

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