Romney: A bill for your eyes

I said yesterday that I didn’t see how I was agreeing with 17% of whatever crap Mitt Romney spouts. Well a file just turned up on reddit and someone found this:

Romney Charged Fee For Being Blind. “It now costs to be blind in Massachusetts. The state’s approximately35,000 blind and legally blind residents must now pay $10 annually for a certificate of blindness and $15 every four years for a blind identification card. Without the formerly free documents, blind people cannot take advantage of tax abatements, affordable housing programs, health care services, transportation discounts and other benefits. … The fees originated in February, in Gov. Mitt Romney’s budget proposal for fiscal 2004.” (Shaun Sutner,“Advocates Fight Fees For The Blind,” Telegram & Gazette , 8/5/03)

How in the name of any sort of decency to your fellow human can you tax someone in that way?
More reasons to not vote for this … person …. can be found in the reddit thread here.

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