Mozilla and Adobe are scummy

Open Firefox on Windows and it prompts to update plugins. Click the Flash player update and it down load the code. Click that .exe and it starts to not only install Flash but also McAfee Security Scan Plus. That is scummy lowlife malware type behaviour. There was NO option to not have this. I wonder how much Adobe and paying Mozilla to get their crap into machines. At this rate at what point will Firefox come with a shitload of helpful toolbars and other spyware? Mozilla got used to the high life with Google’s money and now they are desperate to keep it? Mozilla are totally untrustworthy.

4 thoughts on “Mozilla and Adobe are scummy

  1. I don’t think that’s Mozilla’s fault, since I’ve seen the same included McAfee junk when downloading direct from Adobe.

    Rather, I think Mozilla is just encouraging Firefox users to update their plugins, which is good in this case since Flash can have security vulnerabilities. I’m pretty sure this one is all on Adobe.

  2. Hey my friend, how are you?
    I agree with you: it is a classic malware behavior.
    That is why I stopped using firefox a long time ago. Obviously I do not use IE and Google Chrome as well. (Currently I use a browser called SRWare Iron)
    I am participating in the organization of WordCamp San Paulo. It would be a great honor to have you here one day …
    Greetings from Brazil,

    1. Hey – greets from the UK too 🙂 Long time me not twittering where we used ti chat most. I stopped because I have nothing to add to the twitter noise that would be constructive but chat… maybe I should chat. I’ll see if the mood takes me.

      WordCamp. There are more interesting WP/Automattic people than me, really. All I could talk about is Akismet and I don’t talk about Akismet so I’d have nothing to talk about. But Brazil …. great coffee, genuine mate … there are definitely reasons to go. Family obligations here though always win over anything so being elsewhere is not something I can plan for – even work meetups have not happened because I have been unable to leave.

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