Not your hosts file

What’s the point in Apple including a hosts file if Apple software then ignores it?

Nothing I run should ever load anything from facebook. But no, it’s not my machine, it’s not my OS, it’s not my decision and yes Apple will totally ignore me and load all that crap. Whether you give a damn about my hatred of facebook’s spying the hosts file is an integral part of the system which Apple should not be ignoring. Even if they have got into bed with facebook.

5 thoughts on “Not your hosts file

  1. why do you point the first 6 at your local, and kill the rest? what apps are ignoring your hosts file? I’ve seen chrome occasionally ignore my hosts file and go to google for something that’s defined in hosts, but i think that’s the awesome bar misbehaving, not the hosts file being ignored.

    1. Laziness. I thought it would work so just slapped them in. I’d done one set – the first 6 – and found I might not be catching everything.

      Safari loads Facebook. Chrome loads facebook if I’m using a proxy and does so even when I change it all to to kill it. Maybe I need to reboot (which would be nuts but wouldn’t surprise me).
      I just think that your hosts file entries – which can be really important – should trump every other rule any program wants. It should never override them and especially not a browser.

      1. Yeah, it’s one of those strange apple type things (though it’s possible it’s an apache thing too)-if they told you about it, everyone would know 😉

        Website is possibly coming at some point, but more work based than personal it would seem…

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