Weird librarian

County librarian Ciaran Mangan has a heart of .. something.

Based on the original 1930s fine of one penny per week, the librarian calculated that the book had incurred fines of €4,160.

But they would like to make a bargain.

“As good Christians, we decided we would waive that fine if the person appears in person and confesses to having returned the book.”
Oops I forgot – library book returned after 80 years – BBC

I’ll add the unspoken:
“As good Christians, we decided that unless the person that took it turns up and confesses to having taken it they can burn in the fires of hell for all eternity. We don’t care if that person is already dead given the book was taken out in 1932, we want them here and we want to hear those words begging for forgiveness.”

If you were “good Christians” you would just forgive. So maybe you are bad Christians?

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