A correction

On my About page for a few years it said I was bipolar. I had written this in some blog posts too. Today I am correcting that. The diagnosis I was given in 2003 was wrong. The psychiatrist who wrote that changed how every subsequent doctor listened to me. They did not question it. It meant years of drugs and side-effects that I did not need. It has meant not getting help I should have got 9 years ago. I could rant and ramble on this for ages but I’m not going to. It’s been hard enough these past several weeks to deal with events and a rant won’t help. The diagnosis has been withdrawn (to be replaced with another but that is never being posted here) and now I get to start where I should have done in the first place.

3 thoughts on “A correction

  1. I don’t really trust Doctors/surgeries etc at all. Not after one questioned me when I complained of a sore leg. He looked at me, then at my leg (didn’t lift my trousers, then at my notes. He then told me my medical notes showed I have a wooden leg.

    Took a while to get that removed from the notes.

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