A scale

This is the Torino Impact Hazard Scale for “Assessing Asteroid And Comet Impact Hazard Predictions In The 21st Century”

I find it amusing to see how the person committee that wrote this saw events unfold.

In Yellow Astronomers might want to look up but in Orange we want them to look up and do sums and most of Yellow is saying “It’s probably going to be White, just got a decimal point wrong in here somewhere..”

In Yellow if it’s 10+ years away we don’t care. In Orange we go from the Govt doing some planning (haha, yeah, like that’ll happen) to International Contingency Planning (“Will it hit us? Who will it hit? Do we like them?”). And even in the last section of Orange they are furiously double-checking their sums.

And why are there 3 sections in Red? Not like anyone is drawing on experience here is it and computer models? Who would trust them?

I hope Bruce is around. He’ll make it all okay.

But someone somewhere is scanning the skies in the hope of being the first to say “It’ll be a 10!”

(maybe there is someone who has never seen Armageddon. If it’s you, fix this. Watch it).

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