Stealing from Wiley

I wanted a ‘Dummies’ book. It could be bought as a physical item with the accompanying CD or just on Kindle and no CD files. For this particular book the CD is important so I bought the book. But I want to read it on the Kindle. I’ve had a look around and I can find the book as a pdf but the Kindle handles pdf files terribly. I can use the ipad or computer but I’m being picky – Amazon are effectively saying if you want the Kindle version and the CD you have to buy it twice. So my goal today is to find the .mobi or .azw files so I can have the full Kindle experience. Who knows, I might even be able to find someone to trade with if they just have the Kindle version.

I did go to the site and click their Help link. I was going to ask a question. Looks easy – enter email, ask question. Enter email and they want a shitload more info. It’s far easier to go search for the files than even ask you a question.

At least Steam get it right. I bought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on PC there ages ago. It was just released for the Mac so now I have both. One price, one game, both formats.

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