Not a good week

The neighbour’s “home improvement” has continued. Drilling, hammering, banging at random intervals throughout each day and starting before 8:30am too.

My Wacom pen broke so I had to use a mouse. Pain arrived within minutes. Couldn’t use the big trackball, using the mouse was doable for a couple of minutes at a time if I then did not use the mouse at all for many minutes after. Got a mouse trackball (a Logitech M570) which works and is improving but it’s whole new set of muscle control and that is infuriating at times.

Winston had an eye op so he has one eye stitched closed to allow a corneal ulcer to heal.

Something upset the graphics drivers on the Windows laptop so that had to be restored from a backup image. Nothing of value was lost, just annoying.

Bought Starcraft 2 and downloaded the game. The European download defaults to the cuddly “sorry didn’t meant to hurt you” love’n’stuff German version because of their pathetic video game laws so that 7.08gb has had to be re-downloaded. Bought the Company of Heroes games from Steam. If you are going to play RTS you might as well play the best ones. I have Dawn of War / Dawn of War 2 / Starcraft (was playing SC up until the pen broke). Can’t play either as much as I’d like until I get the pen – the replacement was posted from Germany this morning apparently – as the pen = work, trackball = play and that helps the hand somewhat. Not as much as ibuprofen + paracetamol though.

It’s my birthday next month and I need to make a list of things I want.
I don’t own a dremel.

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