5 thoughts on “Data destruction

    1. Hah – sort of 🙂 I used the Tamron 70-300 held by hand. Couldn’t get just what I wanted though so I’ve still got a couple to take outside and try in bright daylight one day. The 1.8 couldn’t get close enough.
      I’ve 2 mac mini’s to disembowel. Haven’t yet found the wallpaper strippers to do this though. I want to keep the bodies so care is needed.

      Shiny little things though aren’t they?

  1. Held by hand, that’s amazing results!! Do you have a small tripod? If not, I could send you one like this. (http://www.kudlian.net/products/minitripod/images/mripod.jpg) Have some spare at work.

    Oliver kept the case for a money bank in his room. There’s a slot at the back where the DVI cable would go that can be used to put the money in, or even the disc slot at the front.

    He’s taken everything off of the motherboard, so I was thinking of using the Dremel to make a hole in the middle to put a clock mechanism there for one for his bedroom.

    1. I’ve a selection of tripods – a gorillapod, a sandbag type thing and a smaller one that the Ixus / Flip use. I’ll use these when I try the pics outside. Given they were taken inside with a spotlight and halogen on full they came out better than I thought they would.

      I was quite impressed too 🙂 I put it down to not being on the medication any more which gave me the shakes.

      My favourite is the second last. The way the discs reflect the dull wall to appear matte works well.

      (And as you’d expect from me nothing was sharpened. I resized them all down to 800px wide with quality set to 90% but that’s all)

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