If you say What Gives

then you are acting like an idiot because you cannot be bothered to create a better statement.

What is ‘What gives” short for? What does it mean? In fact think of any situation at all where ‘What gives?” can be the correct response. Does one – apart from being picky about someone called What – exist?

It is the same as
Using that is also stupid. If you know what you want, ask for it. If you don’t know, ask a question. Thoughts? is not a question. It’s lazy, imprecise, meaningless, it is junk.

Better questions get better replies.

2 thoughts on “If you say What Gives

  1. I agree about ‘what gives’, but not about ‘thoughts?’.

    I use the latter a lot in emails and texts as it’s a good way to close without requiring people to read more than you’ve already written.

    Personally I don’t mind reading ‘what do you think about this’ instead, but I’m aware that I’m a very fast reader and many are not so ‘thoughts’ really sums it up without requiring too much time.

    1. The problem with ‘Thoughts?” is I don’t know what you mean because it is not a question. It implies that the question is already in there somewhere and if it is then why add this – if it is not then why not ask what the actual question is. “Thoughts?” is short shorthand for a question you have but are not articulating.

      Examples I see:
      “It has stopped working. Thoughts?”
      “I went to this page and it showed me an error. Thoughts?”
      (you could substitute “What gives?” there too)
      These people do not need to know my thoughts or what I could give.

      “Thoughts?” could get the responses
      “Me too”
      and any other number of vague replies. As we generally ask questions to get answers it would seem to be better to actually ask a question – otherwise the reply to “Thoughts?” could be so vague that more conversation is needed to get to the result.

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