Glowing sands

Post here about how unhappy Iran is that the USA have sent a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf.

A strike group is made up of about 7,500 servicemembers, an aircraft carrier, at least one cruiser, six to 10 destroyers, and 65 to 70 aircraft. It is the single largest operational unit of the U.S. Navy and is used as a mighty display of force.

This has been pointed out before and has a ring of truth to it – this beast is due to be decommissioned. It’s going for scrap. The US Navy does not value the thing. It is also nuclear powered. The US Navy have never dismantled a ship that glows before. That will be expensive and dangerous. It would be ever so convenient – maybe even economically sound – were it to stay in the Gulf, in bits. And from the US point of view that would also be environmentally sound. I’m sure someone in the US Navy will be describing this as a win-win. Or maybe I’m just too cynical.

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