EDGE – from good to garbage

I could rarely justify the price of the magazine given it’s multi-format nature and the information I didn’t care for about industry types. But I was always interested in their scores. Games had to work hard to please this mag and pre-metacritic I used it as one of the more trusted sources when I wasn’t sure about a purchase.

This is a paid review. Ridge Racer Unbounded review – Edge Magazine. Whoever wrote that has not played the game. Whoever wrote that has never played Ridge Racer. Whoever wrote that was too busy counting the backhander while copy-pasting the text they were sent.

I recall lots of EDGE reviews where they would call a game crap when others would call it okay. They would call warm when others said Hot. But I cannot recall a review where they said Excellent and everyone else scored it less. 14 reviews and they lead the pack with that score of 9. My memory serves me correctly (for once) – their stats pages show that in 84% of their 2,033 reviews they score harsher than the average critic. In fact “On average, this publication grades 9.5 points lower than other critics.”.

Metacritic has Ridge Racer Unbounded at 75 which is where I’d expect an arcade racer to be these days. They are less about racing and more about gimmicks now. But if ever there was a signal that the company behind this game needs a high metacritic score and are willing to pay this this is that signal. If you don’t play games and don’t realise the impact Metacritic has – check this post at ars technica on what a single point cost.

As for EDGE? No point reading that site any more and their reviews are now worthless.

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