More Dell goodness

Finally got round to calling Dell back regarding the microphone not working after the laptop display was replaced. Got through to the right dept quickly, let him access remotely so he could check everything and uninstall/reinstall as needed. He was efficient, told me what was happening , what he was expecting. The upshot is that a new display is needed and someone will be round to the house tomorrow to fix this. Like last time I spoke with them over the phone I could not find fault. Perfect Support from Dell.

2 thoughts on “More Dell goodness

  1. We use Dell, HP and Lenovo (IBM) and prefer Dell over the other two. The folk always get straight to the point, phonecall over within minutes and if needed they are out the next day.

    Had to phone about two keyboard and two chargers last Thursday afternoon, had replacements by Friday lunchtime.

    1. The guy was here at 9:30am. Swapped the display, it all tested perfectly first time and he was away by 10. He said there might be a survey email to which I said I hoped there was because I’d mark it excellent for everything.

      If there was a real “Hell Support” years ago then whoever runs that show has done well to turn it round – and I hope they and their team get to feel good about the improvements. And I’m just a regular home user – no real need to impress me. I can understand why they’ll be quick for the corp contracts but if they are doing both – top job 🙂

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