Double Fine not so good

I was one of the (tens of thousands) backers for the new Double Fine game they punted on kickstarter. I got this email and I could not be more annoyed that I’d given them money. If I could I’d take it right back. The last 3 words are incredibly offensive and I say that as someone who you have to work hard hard to really offend me.

Be nice. Double Fine is a nice company. We only hire nice people. We try to make nice games. And I think we have the nicest fans anywhere. So be nice on the forums. Let the DFAF be an oasis of niceness in a mean, mean world. We encourage lively debate, but please don’t be rude, insulting, or make personal attacks. Treat each other with respect. We reserve the right to delete any malicious posts, or to just re-edit them to make the original author look like a moron, or a pedophile.

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