Words not sentences

Amit Singhal, the man who re-wrote the famous Google search algorithm, ….”You need to be able to have a conversation with your search engine” Google search overhaul – Telegraph.

Garbage. I don’t want a conversation, I want the result.
Person says to a Man: “Where is the Wheatsheaf pub”
Man replies: “To the end of the road, turn left, it’s about half mile down on the right”

Person says to a Woman: “Where is the Wheatsheaf pub”
Woman replies: “Oh that’s a lovely pub, going there for a meal maybe? Do try the beef there, they cook it perfectly. Had our anniversary there. If you go to the end of the road and turn … left … yes.. it’s on the right”

I want Google and other search engines to give me the Man answer. It takes less time and is more accurate. I just want the result and the longer you make it, the more chatty it is the less likely I will come back. And a conversation generally involves both sides exchanging information. Google – you have enough.

“Why shouldn’t a search engine, which I have built a personalised relationship with, be able to sync up all that information and tell me when I am near a shop which has a gift in it that my dad would like at a time when I am free?”

If you find that appealing you need your head felt.

I live in a house with 3 woman. I know very well what the difference is between Man speak and Woman speak. I am right.

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