Money for lead

A future Battlefield would well launch with a subscription model, EA’s Patrick Söderlund has said; while nothing’s official, the company is investigating the possibility.

“Like all other companies, we’re looking at how we can maximise our investment in this and get the most out of our investment and get more people playing this product.

The last 5 words and ‘subscription’ don’t seem to fit. Why on earth would you pay to play that title? If you pay to play and get better guns, better levelling then why should I pay to play or even just play as a free user when you would be so much more advantaged over me? That’s nuts. That VideoGame Blog.

2 thoughts on “Money for lead

  1. WTF? How can they run a subscription model on something like BF? Makes no bloody sense. Even better guns make no sense as you need to have some skill. Unless they are stupidly overpowered – in which case I’ll buy the ‘African Leader’ pack so that enables me to be driven around the map in an open top Mercedes with my dual wield (gold plated) pistols that are one shot kills across the entire map … through walls.

    Way to spoil a franchise…

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