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I thought it was a bit of a cheat having a photo of myself on the About page that was over 10 years old. This is not OK Cupid, there is no-one to impress. I also do not need reminding of a time when I did not have grey hairs (though I actually like grey. If I could reliably dye it all grey I’d do it tomorrow. Having a shave – well a trim really – never liked the blade, always left the skin a little sore – but had I known years ago that the last thing you should use is shaving foam/gel and you should be smoothing hair conditioner on instead maybe I would think differently. It works better, trust me) or quite so many crow’s feet (once the wife pointed them out I – and I can’t be the only person who did this the first time they are told – became very aware of when my expression could cause them to worsen. It’s why I wear a cap when out these days. If I don’t have to squint because of the sunshine my skin won’t look quite as bad.) – oh, the shave thing – yes, right well when that has happened the hair debris is very salt and pepper but more heavy on the salt these days. Which I like. Why I don’t know. It’s not like I’m becoming more attractive is it?
Anyway, the photo there was from around the year 2000. I can date it because a couple of other pics at the same time show my chest piercings (nipples. sternum surface, two clavicle surface) and I was also tanned. We had been on holiday to Turkey and a really great hotel. Three things – no four – happened that I will never forget. I drank a lot then and the hotel had just gone all-inclusive. When I went to the bar I’d ask for a vodka and coke. They’d put a smidge of vodka in the glass and fill the rest with coke. By the time we left I’d get a glass full of vodka with just enough coke to turn it a brown. The second thing was that after several days I got my head shaved. A proper sharp razor in the hands of a proper Turkish barber. Took him quite some time because of the scars on my head and when I was done not only was my head super smooth it also looked like I was wearing a white skullcap much to the amusement of others. That’s two things. The third was we were walking up the street and an old guy asked me “Did you mean that to happen?” as he pointed to all my piercings. That was pretty funny. Then there was the fast backgammon that was played, if you had a game of pool you wore a smooth silk-like glove on the hand because it was too sweaty in the heat to use the cue otherwise. The hotel food/drink would have cost us nothing but we ate and drank outside every evening because the locals were really great people. We have a family photo from that hotel. Walking to the evening meal a photographer asks us to pose quickly (he’s stopping everyone) and he takes the photo – best photo we have had or will ever have of us all. And I remember this because it was December that year, 4 months after Turkey that Jacqui was diagnosed with MS.
So that photo dates from 2000 and here we are on 2012. Long time ago. So I thought I should change it to something closer to my age. So I did.

2 thoughts on “Not me

    1. I wish I looked that good!

      I don’t think I have ever seen a poor photo of Spike though. He had one of those faces that was so full of life and expression and his eyes seemed to show both his highs and lows really well. I know what you mean about unstaged though as we do change when a lens is looking at us.

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