Tricks mean boost and boost means speed
I had forgotten how unforgiving the original SSX was. And how hard it is to get Gold with Showoff on Snowdream. Gold in the races was fine – I was surprised just how much I remembered – but trick is tricky.
Call your momma into the room and show her how good you are

2 thoughts on “Snowdream

  1. Damn we loved Tricky in this house. I think we had SSX, Tricky and SSX3. Those and the first two Driver games are the only games MBH was obsessed over. No online back then so you couldn’t track hours played but with Tricky it must have been into many hundreds. Good, good memories.

    I would also buy a PS2 for that alone, I think I’ve still got Tricky in a box somewhere! Biggest disappointment with the PS3 was you couldn’t play the PS2 games – start of a steep slope of displeasure wih Sony.

    Disappointed to read about the new SSX, had they just ported Tricky it would have been an instant purchase for me.

    1. Had a blast yesterday with the first SSX. I’m going to gold/platinum each before moving on. Remember Aloha Ice Jam? Damn that’s hard the first time down. Mesablanca? Elysium Alps? It shows it’s age against the newer (PS2) SSX as they got to grips with the hardware but it’s still a damn fine game.

      The first time he said “Call your momma into the room..” I crashed into a tree I was laughing at the memories so much.

      Today – clear the tricky and get to the track with all the pipes and the glass panes high up over a halfpipe. Totally forgotten the name.

      You need to buy that PS2 – just think of the brownie points you’d earn with YBH.

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