SSX. Not good so far.

It’s so dark that even 100% brightness on the TV doesn’t help. I hope I grow to like it but right now it’s very VERY irritating. The real SSX died with SSX 3. Pity.

Edit: The Deadly Descents will test your ability to not throw the controller. Whoever thought they would be fun wants their fucking head breaking.

Edit 2: I’ll be playing Skyrim later. Waited along with everyone else for years and yet SSX is that cheap (rewinds / darkness / obstacleobstacleobstacleobstacleobstacleobstacleobstacleobstacle) I think right now that I just wasted £40.

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  1. Remember the first trailer/movie where it was really dark? And people were against it? I’ve done the first 2 races, first two trick tracks and first 2 Deadly Descents. Haven’t see sunshine yet. For a game they want to appeal to the mainstream it seems remarkable inaccessible.
    It’s not that I’m losing – had to do one trick track twice – but the second deadly descent (and these are skippable!) is just ice, narrow ledges and drops to death. No flow, no tricking. Just tiptoe to the bottom. Remember SSX Tricky with a level that was mainly ice? Like that but you die.

    When a game has a Rewind function you know they have done this because they know they’ve got one hell of a frustration factor. And when you win an award for using in 30 times? Nuts. I used 29 on the second descent (the first time was another track and by accident).

    It’s a long long time since I’ve been that angry at a game because of the game design.

    Oh – and you really have to try to fail a jump. Very easy to land, no skill required.

    Really – after all this time I am disappointed. Maybe the next 148 drops are amazing or maybe they too will be cheap.

    1. Oh you don’t want to listen to me 🙂

      Merqury City is where it’s at and getting that address has someone saying Happiness is in this version. Hopefully somewhere you can just slide down the entire mountains is.
      Maybe I’ll grow to like it, or just play it like I did On Tour just to get the golds. Night rides is nuts though given that with any light in this room I can see almost nothing bar the red flares lighting some paths.

      I’ve no plans to play it this weekend though, don’t need the frustration.

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