Dreamhost is hacked yet again, A Small Orange has forum spam that has been there for 15 hours. I used to be with DH and with ASO obviously going downhill (their main blog has comment spam and if you can’t keep the forums clean which are your public face then what else is going wrong?) (though I did have excellent Support last weekend) it’s time to move to another host.

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    1. Yeah, another big hack going on at the moment.

      ASO – a shame indeed. They used to be so good but it looks like since Tim sold and the Hostgator guy took over it’s heading down.

      I’m going to move to a UK host because prices here have now dropped from the silly levels they used to be at some years ago. I’d like to say it’s because of the US legislation but I’ve nothing to care about there and we will have similar laws here anyway.

      My registrar stays at Namecheap. They do hosting now but I would rather not put whatever eggs I have into one basket.

      It’s hit and miss with these things I reckon.

      1. I remember you talking about ASO awhile back with many a good thing to say. But you’re right, it really is hit or miss with hosting. I’ve no real complaints about Surpass — I’ve been with them for years now and I went through a dozen or more hosts before them — but they aren’t the most competitively priced for the services I use and it bugs me.

        I never did understand why the UK’s prices were so out of line. Glad to hear they’ve come down. As for our legislation, ugh, just ugh.

        1. With the UK prices I think it was a lack of competition and maybe they went after businesses first.

          And I had no real complaint with ASO but I’ve not really had cause to look at their site and only found out about the Hostgator guy last week. But when I did look – not good. 15 hours of forum spam means either someone is not doing their job or there is no-one to do that job. Both are big negatives. After all, it’s not hard to move is it?

  1. Service at ASO is still good, but their hosting packages aren’t particularly competitive anymore either – I needed to upgrade to have more storage space so looked around. I only didn’t move because I’m too lazy!

    1. These guys at will be looking this morning to see if they can do a full cpanel transfer. So they do everything and all I do it switch DNS and maybe a password here and there. It’ll be great if they can – it depends on the ASO cpanel having the right capability I think. If they can’t it’s no biggie, there’s no rush.

      The price for a year is £60 which with current exchange rates is the same as the $100 I’ve been paying and there is way more space too.

      The service I got last Sunday was great. It showed a server problem though which should not have happened. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

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