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22:57 Wed 29 Feb 2012


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I thought I had a newer license than 1.0 for iWOW but apparently not so off to the SRSLabs site to see the price of the new version. $24.99. Not bad but that’s when I realised I’d lost my password and 3 minutes later realised that my password was not encrypted. (You’d think company’s would have a clue wouldn’t you?). If my password is not encrypted you think I’ll give my credit card details over? It also phones home on activation and after the 3rd call it won’t be answered. Not good at all. Looked around and found an alternative.

Hear. Costs $19.99, I can install in on whatever I own (Mac and Win) and it works for all sound, not just iTunes. This is excellent for gaming on the laptop and TV/film/music on the mac. The email asking about licensing was answered quickly too. So I bought it. And I am finding all new sounds in music I’ve played many many times. Click Hear off and it all goes flat, dull. Very noticeable. Tons of settings which are fun to play with. Tomorrow I’ll set the dogs off with some loud dubstep and heavy on the Bass. The only downside is that it sits in the dock not the menu bar but that’s minor compared to the sound enhancement.

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