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19:20 Tue 28 Feb 2012

Dell – excellent service

Filed under: computers — 19:20 Tue 28 Feb 12

The hinge on my laptop just crunched as I opened it. It “breaks” as it is opened. Not good. Searched for the issue online and it’s known to Dell. Worldwide free replacement. After a couple of wrong turns in the phone tree I got through to tech support who put me through to hardware support.
It was one of the best tech support calls I have made. The guy got to the point, knew exactly what he was talking about. I hadn’t done a warranty transfer when I bought it from Amazon so he asked me to do that while he processed everything. Totally friendly – and it didn’t seem put on – he sounded like a really nice guy. All the stuff done and I can expect someone round to the house – yes they are coming to me – by the end of the week. I seriously could not have improved on the call and if – I think his name was Ran – was the model for their calls he’d be a great one. Very very impressed.


  1. My experiences with Dell have definitely been on the better end of my customer service/technical support dealings. Good to hear they were so helpful. (Certainly sounds loads better than my month long struggle with Western Digital recently to replace an external hard drive. Ugh.)

    Comment by Cyndy Otty — 20:28 Tue 28 Feb 2012 @ 20:28 Tue 28 Feb 12

  2. That’s two of us that can ignore the Dell horror stories :)

    I’ve had much worse with our telephone provider, with an ISP (or two), with stores and more. I’m a picky guy too with regard to how I think things should be done. And here I was worried that my laptop was broken, that I’d have to send it away, that is was 27 days out of it’s warranty and this guy smooths it all over perfectly. It takes a lot to please me with customer service and way more to impress me. This guy deserves the praise.

    Comment by Mark — 23:41 Tue 28 Feb 2012 @ 23:41 Tue 28 Feb 12

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