What is the point of a vigil? Lots of people gather, they light candles, leave toys (and in the case of Steve Jobs there was chewed fruit) and they all hang about. Why? It’s not respect because most won’t have known the person. I can see that many users of shiny gear will have wanted to pay their respects in some way but it does seem an odd thing – especially chewed fruit. It looked cool enough that day in the news reports but later? And the days after? Why this need to go out at night with others and just mooch around while wax melts? Candles wouldn’t work so well in the day, I’ll give you that but really, why do this? Maybe it’s just the “done thing”.

People hold a vigil outside a US prison where someone is about to be executed and is 100% absolutely no shadow of a doubt bet your own life on it guilty. What on earth is the point of a vigil?

Random person dies in random place and random people appear at dusk holding candles. Weird. Especially if they died in the daytime. Or do vigils not happen 9-5 due to the needs of the economy?

Maybe there is some deeper meaning that I just don’t get. Maybe it’s some sort of collective guilt being assuaged by collective candle melting. And doesn’t the first person there feel just a little odd?

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