Being cheap

markX2, did you know that PlayStation®Vita is available for pre-order?

Says the email from Sony. Absolutely I did. In fact I had pre-ordered from Amazon when it was first announced. But then I saw your way of handling games I have for the PSP. I also saw that it is pretty much locked to one PSN account. And I saw it’s poor reception in Japan and if it bombs there it cannot be that good. Then I look at the launch games and the signed up publishers. Your spying is a Bad Thing. The price comes into it too. But so does the huge £1.3 billion loss you posted.
I did want a first run model because if there is one that will get cracked it’s more than likely that one. But be an early adopter for that? Be an early adopter when you will drop that price significantly because the market and your business will need to as will companies that bought pre-release stock and will look at the dust on the boxes?
No. I can wait and to be honest until the account stuff is sorted and I can stop it phoning home I’ll never buy one. And this is from a PSOne owner who bought on release day, who has bought 4 PS3’s. I even own a Minidisc player. I should be lapping up your brand but no more.

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