Mini no more.

I’ve had a Mac Mini to work on since I started with Automattic. Last year the one I was using started to act oddly and the Apple Store said it wasn’t worth repairing. So I got another from work and hooked up the failing one to the 2nd monitor. It took very careful arrangement and support of the cables to ensure it worked, the drive was dead, ethernet socket was dead, USB connections were so bad I couldn’t trust it to stay connected to an external HD and wifi was spotty. It was knocking on Death’s door. But it worked for watching GMail updates, forum posts most of the time. But today the HD spun for the last time. Wifi did die, took several restarts to restart and the bluetooth failed.
It’s a mid-2007 model and Apple do this trade-in for older stuff so I went to see how much I’d get for it (ever hopeful!)

Unfortunately Dataserv has deemed that your product has no resale value

Hardly unexpected. 2007-2012 isn’t bad I suppose. It’s been on 24/7. And now it’s a silver brick with a white top.

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