GCSE beyond stupidity

Other examples of courses that may not be included in future league tables are the level 1 certificate in practical office skills; the BTec level 2 extended certificate in fish husbandry; and the level 2 certificate in nail technology services, all currently worth two GCSEs.BBC News

This truly deserves a WTF.

“Nail Technology services”. Which idiot thought that up? Which idiots agreed? Which idiot created it? And which sad and pathetic idiots thought “Hey that’ll be great for my future career because everyone wants their nails doing”.

“Fish husbandry”. “See that water? Chuck some food in occasionally”. There you go, can’t be more than that surely?

“practical office skills”. This has to be bottom of the ladder stuff that should really be taught in the first few days of a real job. Something like “You bring us all coffee at 10am” and “knowing your place”.

Some teachers have no idea just how many future lives they are ruining.

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