I was as likely to be right wing as I was to be in love with Europe on any level at all.

How European are you?

So, why do I despise the EU? France. That’s a significant factor. Spineless government who can’t control their lorry drivers or fishermen or farmers and a spineless media who will not control their politicians. Is there an English person who does like the French? It’s the corrupt EU politicians who sit around creating their own gravy train while throwing subsidies to every farmer in France. It’s the other countries in the EU – like Germany – who say that Britain should follow all the EU rules about foreign competition while breaking those same laws to make sure their transport and infrastructure is built in Germany.

Back to that thing called France. The EU states that when a refugee lands in your country you have to take them in. But oh no, not the French. They must transport them in droves up to Calais and let them cross to the UK. France is a big place, Calais isn’t that close to any border yet where do France put all these people? they hate the English so they push these people toward the UK. They could do something, they choose not to. And even if Calais were close to a border the French would have to push them back to where they had come from. But no, some slack security will let them through.

If you thought the Euro was a good idea you need your head felt because to be honest you are stupid. It would never ever work.

Play videogames? Ubisoft use the most ridiculous DRM in their games. French company.

Mathew Fraser says the CSA’s decision may be linked to an anti-English language reflex. “Facebook and Twitter are, of course, American social networks. In France, they are regarded, at least implicitly, as symbols of Anglo-Saxon global dominance.” France24.com

I don’t think I have a problem with many others. Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy etc are all fine. So remove France and Germany from the EU and it might – just might – be tolerable. Until then I’m all in favour of leaving it and all it’s treaties behind and getting on without the bureaucratic corrupt nepotistic anti-UK brigade over the Channel.

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