2 thoughts on “Flashing fun

  1. I love the French. They have balls, unlike the English. They don’t kowtow when their government does something reprehensible, instead they take to the streets and protest. I just wish we had that conviction and spirit. Who knows what we could have stopped – the Health and Social Care Bill for starters, plus Faith (Free) schools, Trident and the dreadful cuts to benefits for people with disabilities. We need to be more like them and not criticise them. People Power is really strong and can change Government policies, shame we don’t use it as the French do.

  2. It’s not balls, it’s sheer bloody arrogance.
    “They donโ€™t kowtow when their government does something reprehensible” when it’s in the interests of their country they don’t.

    People Power IS strong but there is “People Power” and “Fuck the rest of the world Power” and they are made of the latter.

    And hi ๐Ÿ™‚

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