Google getting evil


“Using a pseudonym has been one of the great benefits of the internet, because it has enabled people to express themselves freely – they may be in physical danger, looking for help, or have a condition they don’t want people to know about,” she wrote in February on Google’s public policy blog.

“People in these circumstances may need a consistent identity, but one that is not linked to their offline self. You can use pseudonyms to upload videos in YouTube or post to Blogger.”

The Register

From 31 July, people who have created private profiles in, say, the ad broker’s free email service Gmail will be deleted by Google unless individuals switch it to public view.

It’s no longer possible for individuals to simply log on to YouTube with an anonymous username.

and they still are not open about what they do with all your data. Why in hell do people not see Google as being part of the problem? And you did see that it’s the email privacy that will get you nuked?

2 thoughts on “Google getting evil

  1. I admit, I still use Gmail and it’s the only Google service that I just can’t give up. But when people say things like Google’s privacy features are better than Facebook’s, etc. I have to scoff. Certainly Facebook has some serious flaws, but the fact is that Google’s pretty hush hush about the majority of it’s policies and that bothers me more than some of the more known issues other companies have.

    1. I’ve been using GMail less and less. Right now I’m backing up what remains there and moving to – I trust Microsoft with my information more than Google, Facebook Twitter etc.
      And they are all silent but given Google’s reach with all their products they are – for me – scarier than just about any other service. Would we let the government know everything that Google does? No.

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