A backup

Finally considered NAS again and it’s going to be the Synology DS211j. I’m wondering if I can remove the HDD from 2 of my WD MyBook’s and slot those in. Might get 2x1TB though. Jacq seems sold on the idea and it’s a new toy to play with. The proliferation of ext HD’s has to stop, the simplification of backups has to start, media sharing will be good and scooting around with usb drives gets boring and this is definitely the way.

D’s macbook screen died 2 days ago so with the age of the overall machine and her coming need for a laptop when she starts a new education/career course in September I said she could get a new one. Being a student does indeed have it’s benefits which saved me around £300, she impressed with her knowledge of the machine so is on the shortlist at that store for a position and she has the best computer in the house. And it’ll do Facebook, Minecraft and Runescape. Keeps her happy 🙂 On the upside she does now believe that Portal and HL2 are worth playing despite my saying so for a long long time.

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