I was upstairs as normal, Jacqui was downstairs as normal and D was watching a film on her laptop – she wears headphones for that. I see a UPS van pull up and knowing that D was downstairs I didn’t go straight downstairs for the package – I usually get down there quick to keep the dog quiet. I head down after a minute or so. I find a wet, dirty and shaky Jacq being helped back to the table by D. At some point – and despite me saying to leave the outside bins for me – J had stepped outside. Then she had fallen over and she cannot get back up. She can’t anyway even with rails or the right sized chairs. How long she was there we aren’t sure but thankfully the UPS delivery happened and he found her. She was understandably incredibly upset, crying and more, D felt guilty as she was downstairs. She’s okay now, there was no physical damage but the incident hurt in other ways. So tomorrow we head out to find some sort of pendant/bracelet which she will wear and a box that makes noise for me. Checked online but if you are disabled then items become ugly as hell, bigger than they need and several times as expensive. A wireless doorbell might even work. But as it is something she will now have to carry all the time it’s only fair she gets to choose which is the least ugly of the ugly bunch. The worst part of this? She did not disagree when I said we needed the pendant thing.

2 thoughts on “Doorbells

  1. That’s the one we ended up getting. Loud and piercing the monitor is upstairs between all the rooms. J has one downstairs and carries one too. Safest place I have declared is the bathroom – 6 grab rails. Six! Somewhere to keep the towels though 🙂

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