Hand progress

The knuckle is not swollen in this pic (well it is obviously, but this is it’s resting state). It gets quite a bit larger after playing some Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops. That’s when it gets very painful too (so why play? Unless I do I can’t know if it’s coping. Playing a lot lot less though, maybe 30mins/day). I have about 50% bendability back, slightly less in the index finger. I can push them much further but the next day they complain loudly and again the knuckle gets larger. If I hold all fingers together I can see daylight between index/middle fingers. Pushing with the fingers, carrying straight objects that do not move is fine but any sort of pulling or twisting or lateral movement is very painful. I’ve done all the physio I was told but she did say it could be a very long time. I fell yesterday for absolutely no reason at all, my left leg just wasn’t there but I protected my left arm. Managed to not land on my elbow too. And I have much respect for the stairs.

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