J’s MS is hard to track because just like a kitten becoming a cat the transition from ‘can do’ through to ‘not now’ is slow. Some markers are unavoidable though.

Finding it hard to get up the stairs lead to the downstairs toilet being put in. Then finding it impossible to climb the stairs on hands and knees just to go to bed lead to the stairlift. 
Difficulty with the bath lead to a powered bath seat and in time being unable to use that has meant the bathroom being turned into a wet room.
Grab rails are appearing where there were none. The bedroom needs to change but we haven’t worked out how to do that yet. A ramp up to the side door is being put in and I think one out to the garden.
The car was used but driving is no longer an option.  The powered wheelchair has been partially accepted and is being used.
Buying cutlery was determined by how it looked and felt but now the handles are scrutinised. Pens and pencils now have little padded tubes around the bottom part to make them wider and easier to hold. 
Tablets used to be paracetamol for a headache, now it’s 20+ a day. Taken with other effects these are profound changes to our family life but as it creeps so quietly you just don’t notice until that moment of “Why do we need this?”.

On the plus side she’s getting to like her macbook.

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