Hand Pt3

Index finger is all shades of pink, purple, yellow. The splint it has cannot be removed for 3 weeks from injury apparently. I have about 10 degrees of movement at the first knuckle and not much more at the second. The index finger also appears to be bent slightly more toward the other finger. Imagine the index finger was only half straight from this original injury pic.

It’s like the doctor in Casualty didn’t manage to straighten it. The middle finger I have around 60 degrees of movement at the first knuckle and 30 degrees at the second. The exercises I have to do 10 times daily are obviously focussing on increasing the bendability. I can’t get a photo good enough to show the bruising. It covers half the back of my hand, the left side of my palm above the thumb area, both knuckles on the middle finger (particularly the last one) and all the index I can see.
Gaming. I just tried to play Modern Warfare 2. First game was Bailout and I ended up 19 kills, 3 deaths, game winning kill with the Chopper Gunner (score was 7400 when I got it and went straight to it). It was too painful to continue into the next. It’s not the holding, it’s not the pressing a button. It’s the twisting. So as one part of the hand or the other hand starts one action the rest braces the controller – and that hurts both damaged fingers but especially the middle. I’ll try again when I’ve had more physio. When I saw her she asked what I did and actually said I shouldn’t. Well… what she actually said was “Do you touch type?” and when I said No I wasn’t that good she said I should stop. Lots of little shocks down the finger are not good right now. I made promises to type as light as it could be done – I told her the kb I have (one of the Apple slimlines) and that calmed her so she’s okay now. Complicated bits of kit are hands, I’m not going to endanger this one. (and she said the rings in my hands were great, interesting. Had no concerns at all).

So I grabbed some books: Notes From The Underground (Dostoevsky), Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky), Heart of Darkness (Conrad) and War and Peace (Tolstoy). That is the order I want to read them too when I find the time. But that’s a whole different post if indeed it’s ever written here.

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