Which way did you say it was?

The stairs have – until in time I forget – a new respect from me. I slipped, hurt my hand and partway down the stairs managed to stop the fall. I then saw the mess above and promptly fell the rest of the way down. (Later when I was back J said that I must have got religious because she heard me say something like “Mary mother of god”. I said there was no way I would have said that and P said that I hadn’t either, that I had very definitely used the mofo word. At least once.) Anyway, my hand either hit the end of a step or the end of a step and J’s stairlift or the stairlift rail. (The stairlift rail takes up about 1/3 of the available space). Fairly obvious I needed the hoispital so while J called D to get me there I came upstairs, took the required photos (as you do) and then sat in shock for a few minutes. Nasty thing is shock – worst I had was after a motorbike accident many years ago). Anyway, off to A&E.
At least down there it was easy to see what was wrong so I fairly whizzed through. 2 injections into the base of each finger after xray showed the really bent one wasn’t broken and the index was. Then the doc pulled the middle finger back into place – I felt it pop – and the index also – I felt a grind. The piece of bone that holds the ligament to the first knuckle from the hand is broken. Apparently that finger will flex back very well in time. The index has a splint, the middle has nothing. Thankfully the middle finger is stable and not wobbly at that first knuckle so the 10 layer finger-to-elbow plaster was not needed. Anyway, I have all the right painkillers for the next 24 hours as the worst comes and goes, the knuckle and underside of the middle finger are going dark and it is not possible for me to play Modern Warfare 2. Too painful. I may have to read instead. Typing feels strange too – having to use my left ring finger and I don’t type properly anyway so typos are a’plenty.

What was quite unusual was that while every nurse/doctor/radiologist/receptionist asked me what was in my hands and how I got them in there not one asked why. That made a very welcome change.

9 thoughts on “Which way did you say it was?

  1. Donncha – it cannot heal. Because the broken bit was where the ligament attached it would need to be under tension and that can’t happen. I have the same break on the little finger of my right hand and a ligament break on the little finger of my left hand. Add that to a previous colles fracture of my left wrist along with yet another fracture of the same wrist and RSI in both hands … my hands are not the healthiest parts of my anatomy :)

    The most annoying part though is the gaming impact. IIRC BFBC2 is slower so I might try that and I have Mass Effect on XB to get going. And books to read, housework to do….

  2. Well, once your hands get better in some way I’d love to see you join us in Bad Company 2. You’ll love it once you get into it. Check out the videos I’ve posted on my gaming blog! :)

    My wife Jacinta saw this post and she was horrified so there’s two of us here hoping for a speedy recovery!

  3. Jayzuz you did a really good job there :/ I badly dislocated my middle finger on my right hand once so can relate to the bit of shock as you take a moment to look at it and think “Wow that looks funny … Ohhhh that’s really going to feckin hurt at some stage, etc, etc” looked a lot like your middle finger there *shudder*. Got saw quickly as well – but might have had something to do with sticking my hand through the gap in the security glass at A&E going “THIS IS NOT HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK!”

    Hope it gets better soon, tricky things fingers

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