I want software that does not exist.


1. It must support repeating tasks. I don’t want to have to uncheck things at the end of the day, I want to click one key or icon and have it cleared. I want to schedule tasks for Mon and Wed, Tue and Thu. I want flexibility.

2. It must support drag/drop. I want to be able to highlight a block of text on a webpage and drag it to the dock icon where it is pasted directly.

3. It must embed images, not shortcut to them.

*Voodoopad. Cannot do 1.
Things. Cannot do 2 or 3.
*The Hit List. Cannot do 2 or 3.
Midnight Inbox. Maybe it can but it’s so full of other un-dismissable fluff I couldn’t find out.
Evernote. Can’t do 1.
Omnifocus. I’m not paying $80 so I’m not even trying.
*Process. Not designed for this.
Yojimbo. Cannot do 2, don’t think it does 1.
*Notebook. Cannot do 1.
Together does not do 1.
(* means I own it)

I can use THL for tasks, Shovebox for images/text/archives, Notational Velocity for text and that’s all just groovy but all I wanted was one application that was designed for one person to keep it all. I cannot use THL for text because although you can drag/drop that useful piece from a blog it then turns every line into a task.
I don’t want GTD, I don’t need GTD. I just want a program that does 3 simple things very well.

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