A Google Reader mess

Discovered this when adding some info to my wife’s reader.
Get the Subscribe bookmarklet from the Google Reader pages
Find a new site to add – for this go to http://psychcentral.com/
Click your Subscribe bookmarklet. Reader opens and shows the link to subscribe to that feed and 8 others.

If you click to subscribe to the Psych Central feed all the others disappear.
If you click one of the others that says no items are unread you have to click to ‘unread’ before looking and then saying ‘No Thanks’, Reader says it has removed the feed and then throws an error.
If you click and there are unread and then click ‘No Thanks’ still get this error – “Oops…an error occurred. Please try again in a few seconds” has been going on for 24+ hours.

So what would I like? For a checkbox next to each and those feeds by default dropped into a “Trial” folder. I get the feed I want and get to not lose those feeds your software has said I might like. Even if the back/forth worked the fact is that I’m not at that point in time wanting to vet sources. All I actually wanted was to subscribe to a single site so saying “More like this” is actually “More like this if you act now because we won’t tell you again”. Isn’t the point of the Subscribe bookmarklet to make everything smooth and easy? So why throw this heap of work up at me?

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