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Overall problem: Have netbook and want to be sure browser traffic is hidden from prying eyes. I don’t care about other programs, just the browser.
Sub-problem: I really cannot be bothered to do the ssh -D 8000 thing every time. Tedious.

1. Get your ssh keys set up as listed here (Ubuntu) (Mac). They both talk about using scp to shift the file from machine to server. For some reason that did not work so I used ftp.
2. Open Terminal and check you can ssh straight in, no password prompt then exit. If you can’t go back up a step.
3. Install QuickProxy in Firefox. Go to and note the numbers. Restart.
4. In Firefox > Edit > Preferences > Network

and apart from the 8000 which you can change you put exactly that.
5. Open Terminal and ssh -D 8000 You should not get a password prompt still.
6. In Firefox click the QuickProxy icon and then go to They should be completely different. The alternative is that you will get no connection in which case go back to 4 and check that the 8000 (or whatever) you used matches the number you used in terminal.
So, that should all work just great but that whole long winded hassle of opening Terminal, typing that long string and having to then press Return is just too tiring.

Open Gedit (textedit) and type the ssh line then save.
You need to make that file executable. In Ubuntu right-click, select Properties and check the box near the bottom. Save it somewhere easy to find like your main directory.
Now go to the main desktop, press alt-f2 and when the box appears you want to run ‘alacarte’
Go to Accessories (not that it matters, just seemed a good place) and on the right choose New Item.
Find your file (I saved mine as ‘ssh’) and when you add it make the Type “Application in Terminal”
Close the dialogue to save
Back to Desktop, go to Accessories and you should see ‘ssh’ ready for you.
Right-click and Add to favourites.
And there you go. Log in to your machine, give that a couple of clicks and you are good to safely go.

2 thoughts on “One click proxy

  1. Good idea.

    In Ubuntu (don’t know Mac) I create “aliases” which I enter in the .bashrc file in the home folder.


    alias whatever_short_letter_combo_you_like=’ssh -D8000

    (save – logout login)

    That way just enter “whatever_short_letter_combo_you_like” without the quotes in the terminal and bingo.

  2. Hah – I like that!

    My next code effort will be for my Infocom games. They live in /Infocom one being Leather.z3
    I don’t know of a Ubuntu gui launcher not that it matters as the end result is the same.
    So right now I ‘cd Infocom’ then ‘frotz Leather.z3’ and I’m stuck on just how to handle it.
    I’ve not gone looking yet, just tried variants on the above to no avail. It’s no big deal and I’m sure I’ll learn a little more on the way to solving it.

    Once I’ve done that I’ll have to find a few more little things to do from the command line just for fun.

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