Been meaning to do this for ages but I cleared and updated my Amazon Wishlist. Gone are the novels as I have many of those on my Sony Reader (still reading Anna Karenina and really annoyed that an absolutely vital part of the plot was accidentally seen in a newspaper) but what I have none of – apart from The Communist Manifesto – are enough politics / society books. So a few of those I want are listed. And that Kindle thing is there. Why put that there when I have the Sony? Because I have bought several books recently and all of them were on the kindle, I could have all instantly and yet even Prime meant I had to wait at least a day. Annoyingly I also tend to buy things on Fridays (I do the same on ebay) so the delay is compounded. Had I a kindle I could have been happier faster and more importantly started reading while still in the moment of wanting. It is far from essential but hey, it’s a wishlist.

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