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  1. Thanks :)

    I’ve been trying to take some good pictures of the foxes for 2 or 3 years now. It’s the raw chicken that did it. They realise the risk of coming near is far outweighed by the food so in they come.
    This is the main fox, the boldest of the 5 or so that visit. My goal now is to get as good pictures of the others though that will take a lot of chicken. If you throw two pieces one fox will nab both. Throw 3 and the same fox will try to pick up the 3. Multiply that and I’d need somewhere around 15. Which is not a problem but it would get really hectic on the grass.

    Be nice to get some that show how slight these animals are. They really do look skinny.

    The original of the last one is here:

  2. We get Australian Possum coming all the way to our door and I started to feed it with bread and a little bit of honey on it. Fox is different, I know! Still, the possum is not to be trusted either, it scratches badly no matter how many time it was fed.

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