Pain pain go away

My hand and fingers do not hurt because I have been more careful using them and wearing the wrist brace nightly. I get no pains in my arm which is good. The height of the chair I have altered and lifting the monitors so they are at eye level has also helped. So everything should be good. Hmm. I took so much care elsewhere that the muscles at the back of my shoulder are crying in pain now. 800mg of ibuprofen makes them shut up for a while. So again I looked at what I am obviously doing wrong.

I use a full Apple keyboard. On the right there are the arrow keys (which I use) and the number pad (which I do not). Now, the wacom sits to the right, butted up to the keyboard. So I have to leave the keys and my arm must go through some 90 degrees passing over the arrow keys, passing over the numbers just to use the touchpad. Now that can’t be good. Doesn’t matter where I put the kb that 90 degrees stays. And I realised I had moved the kb left a bit. So just to type my left hand is traveling further even though I think the touchpad is closer. And that’s why I think I’ve swapped one set of pain for a new set. It really hurts too.

So off to Amazon and I’ve ordered a wireless kb that has no numbers or arrow section. I will be able to have that directly in front of me and movement to the touchpad should be in the order of 45 degrees. Having next week away will let the shoulder rest (bar luggage moving and wheelchair pushing) and when I get back I’ll start again with hopefully no discomfort.

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