Spitting a word

Happened to be in San Francisco at the time / just after the drilling platform exploded. And the anti-british bile which continues was amazing. Here in the UK BP is BP is BP. It’s full company name is used as often as we see pink rabbits yet American Senators were again and again saying BRITISH. Despite the fact it was another company that were running it all they said on Fox and CNN and CBS was BRITISH. I really hope that next time there is anything that the US does which damages something – which shouldn’t take long – that politicians and other leaders across the globe make damn sure they say YANKEE or AMERICAN over and over again. Fact is the USA needs BP and they really should just shut the fuck up and get on with the damn job.

The USA is demanding bans on drilling, on BRITISH companies and yet they absolutely refuse to ban landmines. So losing oil annoys them, killing innocent people does not. Something wrong there?

One thought on “Spitting a word

  1. To be fair, it’s in the company name. Also while no one may call it by it’s full name over there, it’s decently common to call it by it’s full name over here. Gas stations (when they existed) were BP, but the company was/is interchangeably called BP and British Petroleum.

    I wouldn’t take it personally. We’re mad at yet another oil company and maybe only a tiny part of that is that they’re a foreign company at that. Besides the crazy right-wingers, we don’t care specifically about the British aspect of it.

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