Fever 1.

In Fever you can choose to use an anonymous referrer for links from your install. These go through feedafever.com/anon and I’d prefer they went through a different service.


> I would like to change the anon referrer to http://href.li and this
> is done with http://href.li/?http://example.com
> I have a found a function in reader.js but I cannot get it to work.
> Could you advise on how I could do this please?
> Could I ask if my login details are stored remotely? I thought my
> email was incorrect after I changed it and could find no reference
> in the db.
> Thanks.


Hi Mark,

I do not support modifications to Fever’s source code. Your email address is stored in the database base64 encoded. I do not support modification of database values outside of those actions performed by Fever’s UI.


This is his right of course but I will find it, I will make it do what I want and I will post it. Says something there though …. it was a simple enough question.

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  1. I’ve asked that my privacy be respected and allow me to change the referrer. I did that yesterday and so far – 36+ hours on – I have no reply.
    I am sure my install can be remote killed somehow so what I bought was a web service, an unchangeable one. I would not have bought that so if there is no email success I will ask for a refund.

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