Selling domains

I have some domains which were bought with bright ideas which never left the fertilised status. So rather than sit on them any longer and instead of letting them lapse because I think the names aren’t actually that bad I have listed them through Sedo. I did debate just putting them for sale but if you give me money and I transfer the domain then what is stopping you from claiming the money back for some spurious reason? I didn’t want to find out the hard way. (also have the .net and .org)
This was meant to be exactly what it says. I did start it but like so many things I stopped. (also the net / org)
The Bloggies and similar annoy me. They are all about eye candy. There might be a blog there that does good writing but once it gets to voting it comes down to the lipstick and eyeshadow. I don’t give a crap what a blog looks like and some of the best I read are ugly so what I wanted to do was highlight some blogs where the content was excellent but it may not be pretty. This was linked to the next domain: (ditto org/net)
If you read a blog in a reader then the theme doesn’t matter. And if you want to read really good blogs that are not in the top 500 at any aggregator site then you need to hunt. Idea was people submitted their top real blog reads. Real meaning a one person blog, never in any top anything, just damn good reading. (as above)
Back in 2005 Jennifer noticed that many porn blogs were using her themes and in some cases badly. So we would make their theme, install the blog and get everything up and running for them. That was the idea anyway. I think life overtook us both. There is a band called Fleshpress so maybe they’ll want it. (yep, net / org too)
Bought on a whim, would be really good as an aggregator site. I imagine that a content scraper could have a good time with these. No time to devote to getting it off the ground.

The positive is that each name has the com / net / org
The negative is there is no history, no PR, no linkage at all (apart from the above). Not that this is so bad though.
If they sell I’ll buy a gadget or two. If they don’t – they are on auto-renew so now worries there.

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