Back to BT.

A few weeks ago the phone line went very crackly to the point of being unusable. The net connection was also almost unusable. We had the phone number with Southern Electric, internet through O2 and the physical line belonged to BT. The problem was obviously with the actual line so rang BT, put my phone number in and was promptly cut off with a “This is not a BT number” message. Rang Southern Electric but they don’t open at weekends (Massive clue to some companies – have mobile friendly pages with your numbers on. Simple linked text. Opening weekends is sort of important too) and their pages took ages to load. So I rang O2 who said to contact BT. But I need to contact SE and they really have no number for any broadband issues at the weekend. So I had nowhere to go and it was all someone else’s fault. In the end I gave up, managed how I could with the net and hoped BT-using neighbours noticed and complained. Monday rolled along and the problem was sorted out. It showed how the desire to save money by combining gas/electric/phone was actually a bad idea especially as the phone is essential to my work.
So we switched back to BT. Line is BT, net is BT, number is BT and if anything goes wrong it’s one number to call. I have no idea if we are saving money and if we are or are not the cost will be minimal but the hassle factor is going to be a lot less.

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