When gloop was good.

When I was a kid back in the 60’s and 70’s – you know I wish I’d been born say 5 years earlier. I could have really got into being a punk or a goth, I could have been one of those that voted Maggie Thatcher into power and probably even more fun could have been had – I don’t think they had the technology to make yellow glass. Or that it was so expensive they could afford to make it into bottles for some over-sugared vile tasting “The worse it tastes the more good it’s doing” drink called Lucozade. So they wrapped it in that yellow crinkly static-creating cellophane. Why they thought making it look like some gross relative of a Roses chocolate would work I have no idea. I’d have been a punk. Siouxsie never did it for me though. Probably really nice. Must be 50+ by now too.

Ribena. Back when I was a kid what you would do is pour some ribena into a glass, fill it direct from the tap and drink it. Funnily enough I do the same today (only I buy the Light version, no sugar needed here thanks) (but I have tried this on the full-lard version) – I pour the ribena, fill it direct and drink it. But now when I look at the glass if it’s empty I see nothing and if it has some drink still in I see uniform purple. But back when berries were berries and chemicals weren’t in fields and companies had values….. I drink it and when I looked at the glass I would see a distinct purple line and coating inside the glass where the ribena had been poured in. If I didn’t finish it I would see it when I did. The ribena coated the glass, it stuck. Doesn’t happen now. I’m sure whoever creates the purple “run it past those berries real fast Rodney, we need them to last at least a week” concoction would come up with some crap about it being better for us but the simple fact is they watered it down. No two ways around it. Can’t even think of the faceless corporation that makes it now though. They don’t care about s, we don’t know them. I’ll buy Tesco’s own next. But – and this is the point – being a kid should have moments that you can grab hold of again when you have grown up. Little things which briefly remind you of sometime way back when. Ribena was one. When you finished drinking that glass of blackcurrant the very last part of the drink was super-blackcurranty. It was like blackcurrant jelly, it had a taste you could keep for ages. If you ever had ribena back then you know just what I mean. But you can’t get that now. The bottled concoction is uniform in every respect. Taste is less, experience is less. Shame because as silly as it sounds if it was just like it was then I could say to my kids that I did the same, I could get a drink of it for a memory as well as just a drink. But I can’t. The corporation stole my blackcurrants.

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