Uncharted Unwanted

Uncharted 2. Had no internet for the morning / early afternoon so I started this game. After quite some time I ejected the disc and it will be traded.
It scores 96 at Metacritic. Some quotes:

Playstation Official Magazine UK: Unless you’re born without thumbs, eyes or a sense of humour, it’s obvious that Uncharted 2 is a 10/10 game after two minutes of the first level.

Not sure how I’m typing this then…..
Eurogamer … whose minor flaws are washed away on a tide of rhythm and spectacle. They scored it 100
Eurogamer Spain Uncharted 2 does not reinvent the gaming language They scored it 100
GamePro The A.I. is a little suspect, the camera can be stubborn, and you will die your fair share of cheap deaths. They scored it 100
Gamer.nl No game is perfect. They scored it 100
and that’s without going to read reviews. How can a game be classed as not perfect but given a perfect score? Since when are flaws not a reason to reduce the score? So why didn’t I like it. The character control was bad. The guy could move in chunks, in 1/8 a circle. Lara Croft could do better back in the 90’s. Make the guy look like an ape. No visual clues where you can jump. I’m either using the gunsight to check what is where or looking like a trapped ape and trying to jump where I cannot. Or I am having to make what look like impossible jumps because that is all that is left.And that brings me to the camera. How stupendously bad that is – a camera should give complete freedom within the environment and forcing me to use gunsights to see where I want, presumably because the game makers know there is nothing there but I do not, there are no indicators it is a non-area. It’s a 3D game, I want a 3D camera. If I want to waste my time looking at places then let me. It’s my gameplay, not yours. If after playing the game for not long I am dissatisfied how can I have confidence in it’s use later when I have a time limit, am chased, have a puzzle. So the essential mechanics of how I move and how I can see where I am/could be moving was essential for me and they are flawed for me. They obviously work for everyone else in the review hype machine – Naughty Dog made Crash Bandicoot which I still have for the Playstation and Crash moves better than the guy in Uncharted 2. But it does mean that no longer can I trust Naughty Dog and that I’ll wait for a second-hand game to play if tempted. No point rewarding a company who has let me down this time.

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