The BBC. Biased. Again.

Scots ‘drink 46 bottles of vodka’ says the completely sensationalist BBC.
I think the average bottle of vodka (750ml) contains 30 units (25ml / shot). The government want us to drink no more than 21 units a week but this number is completely made up, has no basis, is as useful as pretending that badgers should be fed cream buns every 23 days. So the headline is junk, the figures the headline is based on is junk.

The Scottish government said the figure, which had remained static since 2005, was the equivalent of 537 pints or 130 bottles of wine per person.

That’s not even 2 pints a day. So why the big deal, why the front page news story? You could probably say the same for the England Wales and Northern Island.
But then the reason becomes clear:

The truth is that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are promoting a scheme that will increase the profits of the supermarkets, but won’t provide a single penny for more police officers or alcohol treatment.

The Labour Party are using this completely junk news story to have a go at the SNP and the BBC are promoting that. In the interests of fairness did they ask the SNP for a view? No, because if they had that would have been noted in the article.

The BBC. Entirely untrustworthy.

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