Dear Infinity Ward

I’d really like to play a game where there are big wide open places. Then when I’m in the middle of that big wide open place I can get shot by a helicopter, or a plane, or a jet. And when I die I’d like to come back in the middle of that big wide open place so I can die again. If you could make that happen again and again and again that would be damn frustrating. In fact if you could make me fantastically pissed off because I paid for it that would be spectacular. Even better how about having a plane AND a helicopter both shredding me before I can move.

Oh…. you did. It’s called Modern Warfare 2 and while some parts may be good the bits that are bad are stupendously craptacularly bad. In fact they are truly dire.

I will never pay for anything you ever produce again. I’m not saying I won’t play, just that no money will ever go from me to you. Think of it as a Copycat streak.

PS: Make a “You fucking camper” end of game award which removes all points and resets all challenges. That might make up for having people on level 600+ playing people on level 6.

PPS: Aren’t thumper grenades meant to do the exploding thing when they hit things like walls, floors, sandbags, guns – you know, the solid stuff. If you fix that – which shouldn’t have been buggy in the first damn place that would be good.

PPPS: Can discs be burnt for the 360 yet?


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